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Not sensitive to wind Tolerates salt

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Populus canadensis

Hybrid black poplar

Kanadische Pappel - Peuplier euraméricain, Peuplier noir hybride - Canada-populier, Zwarte hybride-populier

Populus canadensis
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Oval Taller than 12 metres/ 1st size Half-open crown
Height: 25 - 30 m
Crown: variable, cultivars differ substantially
Bark and branches: grey, shallow grooves, twigs glossy grey-brown
Leaf: triangular, green, 12 cm long and wide
Flower: Y or X, depending on the cultivar
Fruits: catkins, only on X cultivars
Application: streets and avenues, landscapes
Soil type: moist, open and nutritious
Wind resistance: fairly good to good
Origin: Europe, spontaneous hybrid
Winter hardiness zone: 4
Synonym: P. x euramericana

A variable tree that occurred as a spontaneous cross between P. nigra and P. deltoides. The crown is usually broad oval to practically round, but sometimes narrower depending on the cultivar. The grey trunk has shallow grooves. The moderately glossy leaves are triangular and have a heart-shaped to straight foot, depending on the cultivar. The leaves are also green when they emerge and they can turn yellow in the autumn. Prefers moist, open, nutritious soil. It does not stand up well to stagnant groundwater or fluctuating groundwater levels. In general its resistance to canker and leaf spot disease is good to exceptional. But it is reasonably sensitive to rust. Various of these hybrid-derived cultivars can find good use in wide streets and avenues, planted in rows and in urban and landscape settings. Can be used in coastal areas thanks to its sturdy resistance to (sea) wind. An important producer of wood for clogs, pallets etc.

Avenue tree Street tree Coastal region Landscape for clay soil Withstands hard surfaces For sandy soil
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