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Not sensitive to wind Tolerates salt

Ornamental bark Ornamental flower Ornamental fruit Ornamental autumn colour


Acer palmatum
'Crimson Queen'

Acer palmatum 'Crimson Queen' Acer palmatum 'Crimson Queen'
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Broad weeping Smaller than 6 metres/ 3rd size Half-open crown
Height: 2 - 3 m
Crown: wide, weeping
Bark and branches: brown to grey-brown, smooth
Leaf: lobed, deeply dissected, purple-red, 6 - 10 cm
Flower: pendent stalked panicles, purple-red, April/May
Fruits: winged nutlet (samara)
Application: solitary, small garden, park
Soil type: well permeating humic sandy soil
Wind resistance: moderate
Origin: Cascio, USA, 1965
Winter hardiness zone: 6
Synonym: -

A slow growing shrub, when matured a small multi-stemmed tree. Rarely reaches more than 2 -3 m. The crown grows wider than tall creating an umbrella-shaped figure. The leaf is palmatifid to palmatisect and the lobes are cut deeply. It has five to seven (sometimes nine) long pointed lobes. The leaf retains its purple-red colour all summer. In autumn it turns bright red. 'Crimson Queen' is one of the best cultivars of the large and shape-abundant group of Japanese maples. It strongly resembles the cultivar 'Garnet', however the latter grows faster. A partially shaded site is best, but a sunny site will be tolerated. To be applied in gardens, parks and as a solitary.

Sensitive to wind Red leaf Park tree Small garden Ornamental autumn colour for clay soil Does not withstand hard surfaces For sandy soil For peaty soil
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